Bill Geraci

Meet Bill Geraci

One of Bill Geraci’s passions has always been in education. This is a pattern he continues today as an insurance consultant for employers who are challenged by the rising costs of health care for their employees.

Bill has been in the insurance business since the early 1980’s and to this day continues to serve his clients with the cutting edge information needed to make the most appropriate insurance decisions. He started his career with Aetna in 1981, and during his sixteen years he worked in various offices, serving in ever increasing roles of management and leadership.

In 1996, he went to Moscow, Russia with his family as the plight of orphans tugged at his heartstrings. For three years Bill and his family served the Russian people and these precious children. In his final year in Moscow, Bill ran the orphanage and directed the families and students that cared for the orphans.

Once stateside, he took the challenge to learn everything he could about the health care industry. In 2001 he dove into health insurance industry and hasn’t looked back. By 2007 he purchased the consulting firm Metro Area Group Insurance Consultants (MAGIC).

Most employers are unaware of the advantages of alternative-funding. In partnership with MAGIC, employers become more proactive in addressing the increasing health care costs. He helps his clients find alternatives that yield results – more profit, more control over costs, and less hassle – both employers and employees benefit.

Bill’s clients receive the most efficient and economic opportunities to control health care costs. He takes his clients step-by-step through the process so they are not caught in a web of confusion. Through his initiatives, countless employers are now educated on the value and benefits of alternative-funding strategies.

Bill, who has extensive experience in self-insurance, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of health care insurance. Employers who use MAGIC’s wellness initiatives and claims management are in greater control of the cost of one of their largest budget items. Thus, employers can invest the savings in other areas of the businesses they manage.

Bill Geraci