Data Integrity

Recover Lost Dollars from Claims Errors

A Third Option to Dealing with Runaway Health Care Costs

Healthcare is a uniquely complex system that is plagued by waste, inefficiency and outright abuse. With healthcare being the second or third largest expense for an organization, that waste often results in lost revenues into millions.

It is estimated that somewhere between 10% – 30% of medical bills contain errors. This overbilling has a significant financial impact on all companies providing healthcare benefits.

In addition to the massive waste and lost dollars, these billing errors also open an organization to litigation under ERISA. Far too many are failing in their fiduciary responsibility to effectively oversee such a large cost item. Thus, a substantial liability is caused by a system that has not historically empowered the company fiduciary with the ability to make educated and worthwhile decisions.

Now, however, those challenges are being overcome with the integration of an enterprise benefits management platform. Such a solution empowers the fiduciary to easily fulfill his/her role, mitigating their personal liability while driving substantial dollars to the company’s bottom line by uncovering and plugging costly profit leaks due to billing errors, fraud, and other abuse.

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