Control your health insurance costs.
Keep more revenue.
Grow your business.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Our free, 6-part video series will show you how!

The MAGIC Minute video series will educate you on specific strategies you can implement that give you greater control, transparency and savings in your company’s health care plan.

  • Learn strategies that work for businesses of ALL sizes.
  • Watch all 6 videos in less than an hour and come away with radical new insights.
  • Get educated on HRA’s, Level Funding, Self-Funding, Medical Management and Managing High-Cost Prescriptions


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Too many business leaders believe that the rising cost of health insurance is unavoidable.

The fact is, you do NOT have to be held captive by big insurance companies and endless rising annual premiums. This model is unsustainable and preys on small businesses. It’s why alternative funding strategies continue to rise in popularity.

Your business on a fully insured healthcare plan
  • Annual rate hikes
  • NO transparency
  • 0% potential savings
  • Risk pooling
Your business on an alternative healthcare plan
  • Complete transparency
  • Up to 80% potential savings
  • Tons of flexibility & control
  • Stabilize long-term costs
  • Not captive to rising rates
  • Less fixed costs
  • Use savings to grow your business

What would you do with an extra 1 million dollars as a result of
savings from your health insurance plan?

The MAGIC Minute videos series will show you how alternative funding strategies can free up capital, create more savings and allow you to keep more of your profits, all while still giving your employees the healthcare they need.